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Commercial ice cream machine noise how to solve

Jan 13, 2017

1, the compressor noise, compressor noise is mainly due to poor quality compressor or compressor caused by aging, this problem can not solve their own, need to find a professional replacement

2, reducer noise, reducer noise is mainly caused by less oil, the general reducer can be directly added lubricating oil, ice cream machine caused the most noise factor is this, the solution is simple, find the fuel hole, add lubrication Oil can be

3, motor noise, motor noise is caused by belt slippage, the solution is to adjust the belt or replace the belt

4, fan noise, fan noise is similar to the fan noise, the solution is that most people will not fix another fan motor can

5, mixer noise, stirrer noise generally appear in the new machine above, with long machines generally do not appear stirrer noise, unless the cooling cylinder is no pulp cooling is possible to make noise