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Commercial ice machine air-cooled and water-cooled difference

Jan 13, 2017

First, the cooling system, condensing temperature limit:

Not higher than 55 ° C and not lower than 20 ° C. In general, air-cooled condensers are not recommended in locations where the ambient temperature exceeds 42 ° C. So whether to choose air-cooled condenser, we must first confirm the ambient temperature. The general design of air-cooled ice-making machine, you must ask customers to provide local annual maximum ambient dry bulb temperature. Air-cooled condensers can not be used in locations where the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ° C.

1, the advantages of air-cooled condenser:

(1) no water resources, low operating costs;

(2) installation, easy to use, without other ancillary equipment, as long as the power can be put into operation

(3) does not pollute the environment;

(4) for a serious shortage of water or water supply areas.

2, the shortcomings of air-cooled condenser:

(1) high cost of inputs;

(2)the condensing temperature is high, so that the operating efficiency of the refrigeration unit is reduced;

(3) does not apply to air pollution, sand and dust weather areas.