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How much do you buy an expensive ice machine

Jan 13, 2017

Now most of the online ice-making machines are not consistent with the description, there is part of the virtual standard is very exaggerated, so the ice machine to buy back to have smashed the mood, first of all, ice machine products are generally less than manufacturers Describe the output, because the manufacturers described in the production is possible in absolute circumstances, and we use the ice machine when the environment is generally not reach, according to the current domestic environment, the general summer production About 70% of winter production is about 90% more, while the online marked output is generally more than 2 times the actual output, so the election ice machine must be careful.

Shop to buy ice-making machine, not to buy a consumable, online purchase risk. For example, after buying, the receipt of goods and pictures of the great differences, rough work it! Import parts into the garbage parts; maintenance of the use of many difficulties in repair, call to repair the phone, not in time to deal with, or even no hand tracking, after-sale is not timely, and warranty commitments are purchased before the water ... ... all Of these "pain" are those who have been cheated by online shopping experience. Online shopping there are a lot of evaluation we can go and see, those who do not look bad reviews, and many are out of the network Shuijun brush. Or even heard, you press the actual to the negative feedback, the store kept to give you a call, so that you change the assessment, otherwise do not change the words to threaten your line of purchase will not have this unpleasant experience.