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How to choose commercial ice cream machine function and output

Jan 13, 2017

First, the production problem, many people buy ice cream machine completely regardless of production, only a cheap map, buy back to find business is really difficult, and then began to blame, in fact, this does not blame the manufacturers, you go to high-speed road cycling Run, which can blame others do. At present, low-yield ice cream machine can only hit 5-6 ice cream machine at a time, and to re-cooling a few minutes to continue to play ice cream, this machine you have to put in the school gate and pedestrian street, that basically do not have to do business, Of people feel that their relatively high-end shop, ice cream machine is also more upscale needs, and then buy a super-power ice cream machine back, but his shop is not much to eat ice cream, the machine on a considerable waste, but also quite power , This approach is quite unwise.