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How to clean commercial ice cream machine

Jan 13, 2017

The first step: the first tank and the cooling cylinder of all the material out, hit out of the material must be placed on fresh cabinet, or can not continue to use

The second step: in the ice cream machine cylinder with water, a little more, the tank which can be manually wash

The third step: press the ice cream machine cleaning, cleaning about 2 to 3 minutes, and then put out the washed water drained, continue to use clean water poured into the wash, repeat 3 times or more

Step 4: Remove the plastic head, cleaning each will come into contact with the slurry, the plastic head inside all the seals are removed to clean

Step 5: re-use ice cream machine before, once again washed with hot water, the water temperature can be a little high, the bactericidal effect will be better

Commercial ice cream machine is more complex, and ice cream is dairy products, bacteria is very easy to breed, so cleaning time must be careful, can not forget any corner