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How to operate ice cream shop in winter

Jan 13, 2017

First, the winter can operate hot pot of ice cream, although it is cold, but some people eat in winter, now eat ice cream hot pot is also very popular, ice cream shop in winter to sell ice cream hot pot refreshing, fresh aftertaste endless consumption Who linger. , With the hairpin to ice cream on the pot in the rinse, then ice cream like sugar-coated haws like. On the mouth of a taste, the heat within the cool, both mellow chocolate, but also the fragrance of ice cream, do not have a taste. Pot stood two different flavors of fruit jam, bottom of the slow fire as a candle as long to burn, the warm flame to mellow chocolate sauce slowly melted, gently stirring, and then put all kinds of flavor plate ice cream The ball into which to eat, mellow chocolate with a smooth ice cream ball, the entrance of the moment of cold and stunning, silky Runxin, silky trace, delicious straight from the bottom of the tongue, food for thought.