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If you make your own ice cream more attractive to customers

Jan 13, 2017

Ice cream is simple, low cost, high profits, but also a large number of customer groups, people under the age of 30 shopping often think of eating ice cream, especially children, especially if the location of ice cream, if the location of the ice cream is a good project to make money, Yes, an ice cream machine can create a considerable profit, such a good project, some people can do is bad, even some people have earned electricity, however, it will inevitably make people heart feeling, in the end is why, if determined not position Of the problem, that is the owner of a business problem.

Want your own ice cream shop popular, first store image is very important, image is brand image. Imagine the customer into the store, messy mess, health, more dead, the guests are difficult to have comfort, will also affect his ice cream shop for you even the brand impression. Therefore, the store clean and tidy is very necessary, this is a compulsory course for each catering industry