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The history of commercial ice cream machine

Jan 13, 2017

First of all, most people will open the tea shop to join, it is to join, it must know the rules and advantages of joining, you want to join the tea shop, nothing more than want it to brand effect, and now milk tea also Difficult, a little spiritual point of the people can get some recipes out, even mention the brand, now there are two well-known brand of tea problems, a high price problem, easily tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands, this is not generally open ordinary tea Shop can afford, another problem, many brands are now joining the counterfeit, you join it, when the time to recover the issue of infringement, or have your own back. If you do not consider the brand effect, to join an ordinary brand, that meaning and how much it, initial fee, promotion fee, management fees, you are not in the business, just change the mode of working only, and this pressure than the site can move brick Now, if you join the general brand, you can not get anything, the only thing is to get a bunch of receipts, as long as the people who joined most of them are pit, those who actually make money in fact, their own, and join Brand did not have much relationship