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Advantages Of Dual System Ice Cream Machine

Jan 13, 2017

Dual-system ice cream machine is a two-independent system, the equivalent of two high-power single-head ice cream machine, so the production can imagine, single-headed ice cream machine has been very popular, but because of the single taste also led to its market Very limited, dual system is a good solution to this problem, the case of a large number of tastes can choose

Conventional single-system ice cream machine in operation to keep the two material tank flat, that is not a material one does not, this will be a fault, but the machine in the normal operating conditions are often prone to such problems, it often leads to A cylinder, lack of material like the problem of alarm, dual system ice cream machine is completely no such problem, while sold out directly to turn off

Commercial ice cream machine in the work will inevitably fail, this due to the characteristics of equipment, can not completely eliminate this problem, but the dual system is not the same, even if the side of the fault, the other side of the usual work, the equivalent of two machines, completely Do not worry about machine failure leading to shutdown