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Buy Commercial Ice Cream Machine Is The Most Important Thing To Note

Jan 13, 2017

Customers in the purchase of commercial ice cream machine must understand its structure before, because the ice cream machine working time is very long, and power, the machine running large, similar to the same car, so will be more prone to failure, then, what commercial ice cream machine An important part of it. First, the compressor, the compressor is the core of all refrigeration equipment, it directly determines the efficiency of the equipment, the quality of its indirect mapping of the quality of the entire equipment, so buy a commercial ice cream machine must look at the compressor, including it Of the brand, its power has been warranty and so on series. Second, the motor, commercial ice cream machine will have a large motor to drive the agitator, is also a commercial ice cream machine core components, although the motor does not like the compressor to determine the performance of the machine, but the quality of the motor is very important, because the poor motor Maintenance rate is too high, the noise is very large, very affected business. Third, the reducer, reducer is driven by the freezing cylinder agitation, reducer wear faster, almost a little reducer will soon replace the gears and shaft, quite trouble, more importantly, the noise is quite large, but also There may be problems such as oil spills. Fourth, the condenser, condenser is a cooling tool, although not too many problems, but it is a direct impact on the overall performance of the important factors, a little better condenser are brass, the cooling effect is certainly better, a lot of Manufacturers are using iron pipe condenser, cooling effect naturally unsatisfactory.