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Commercial Ice Cream Machine How To Deal With Freezing Cylinder

Jan 13, 2017

First of all, the normal operation of commercial ice cream machine is not easy to freeze the cylinder, the freezing cylinder is certainly caused by improper operation, if you do not find the operation of the problem, often very affected business tank

One reason: the proportion of ice cream powder and water problems, too much water, resulting in the same hardness of the gear when the freezing cylinder. Solution: adjust to the appropriate gear

Cryogenic reasons two: three ice cream machine, one of the cylinder out of material, a small cylinder of the material, the material is relatively easy to freeze less. Solution: both sides of the fight as much as possible to balance a bit, if the guests prefer a taste, then you can own the other side of the play some into the basin

Cryogenic reasons: cleaning the ice cream machine after the water is not dry, it is also very easy to cause ice. Solution: Each time after cleaning the ice cream machine to dry the water, the first part of the material added to play in the material after the basin, so you can get out of the residual water