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Commercial Ice Cream Machine How To Maintain

Jan 13, 2017

1, storage tank cleaning: storage tank must be carried out once a day on the cooling cylinder cleaning.

 (1) Start the cleaning key, all the waste slurry slurry tank discharge, press the stop button.

(2) add appropriate amount of disinfectant with warm water, pour it into the storage tank, the same amount of water in two tanks.

 (3) Press the cleaning key to stir for about 1-2 minutes, discharge cleaning fluid.

(4) and then clean water 2-3 times, shut down.

(5) turn off the power, wash and wash the parts.

2, the body of the cleaning

Consumers need a beautiful, clean machines, please keep the body clean appearance, you can use a wet towel Sassafras clean the fuselage, remove stains, not water rinse, so as to avoid electrical failure.

3, cleaning the condenser

Commercial ice cream machine work for some time the condenser will be full of dust affect the cooling, cooling effect is poor, depending on the operating environment cleaning time can be three months to six months before cleaning off the power, be sure not to damage the condenser fins, with Soft brush and hair dryer can be cleaned.