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What Is The Advantage Of Air-cooled Cabinet Than Ordinary Straight Cooler?

Jan 13, 2017

When it comes to air-cooled cabinets and straight cooler, many people may not know what is the difference between them, here to give you the popular science about their differences and how it works

Direct-cooled refrigerator, direct cooling, also known as natural convection air-conditioning, refrigerated rooms have an evaporator, the size of the evaporator is based on the size of the room and the temperature requirements for a reasonable match. Cooling is through the natural convection of cold air to achieve the purpose of direct cooling. It is characterized by low power consumption, low noise, low price, fresh frozen fresh food is poor; slow, poor temperature uniformity, the need for artificial defrost

Direct freezer

An air-cooled freezer with a finned evaporator and a set of duct circulation units. The fan motor will be cooled by the evaporator after the formation of the air inside and outside the box to achieve the purpose of cooling. Since the airflow is blown, frost is not caused by the absorption of water from the stored food. So air-cooled, also known as frost-free, in fact, no frost on the inner surface of the frost, evaporator surface is still frost, but no manual defrost but automatic defrost. It is characterized by rapid freezing, frost-free (automatic defrosting), food preservation, temperature uniformity is good; but the power consumption, high noise, high prices

Air-cooled cabinet

Comparison of the difference between air cooler and direct freezer, we can easily find the advantages of air-cooled cabinet, which is why the more expensive air-cooled cabinet reasons (but the cost is indeed much higher), but can not say there is no market for straight cooler, Some people, direct freezer will be able to meet the requirements, with air-cooled only a waste of electricity only