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Who Is In The Ice Machine Market

Jan 13, 2017

Material costs. Ice machine industry profit margin level to a certain extent by raw material price fluctuations. Ice making equipment manufacturing industry is the main raw material of steel, research summary data show that steel accounted for ice machine cost industry average ratio of 19.76% . In recent years, the volatility of international commodity prices, ice-making equipment manufacturers profit level there is a certain degree of volatility. In the low-end commercial and household ice-making machines are mostly standard products, production methods are generally in volume production, steel ice machine as one of the main raw materials, the price fluctuations will directly affect the low-end commercial and home ice machine Production costs, at the same time, due to the low-end commercial and household ice machine market competition is fierce, it is difficult to increase the cost of direct conversion to the final product price, making the steel price fluctuations to some extent will affect the commercial and household ice Machine profits. As steel prices are affected by the changes and fluctuations in the international financial and trading environment, it is expected that changes in the profitability of the ice making equipment manufacturing industry due to fluctuating raw material prices will become more complex in the changing world economic and trade environment. In a very long time.